3 Super Easy Ways to Naturally Remove Stains in Houston

Everyone knows that spots and stains are unavoidable. Whether you have kids who are partial to cranberry juice, nieces who love ketchup, an aunt who can’t live without red wine or a spouse who is addicted to pasta with extra tomato sauce, there is no real way to escape the pitfalls of stains and their mess.

If you’ve got clothes, carpet or a couch that has just met with a highly pigmented food, you know the agony of stain management. But there are safe and effective ways to rid the home of these disasters. Here are a few cleaning products free of chemicals—making them better for pets, families and the environment:


A household staple, this easy to use and budget friendly cleaning solution is ideal for spraying on clothing and various household items. Vinegar is typically safe for upholstery and furnishings and can be used with a little elbow grease and water to lift stubborn stains.

Baking Soda + Hydrogen Peroxide

Natural carpet stain eradicating gurus love a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Perfect for lifting pet and dirt stains, this effective and frugal cleaning solution is also great for soda spots and juice stains.


Lemon is a potent stain lifter on clothing and can fade otherwise stuck-on spots. Using half a lemon will help eradicate soap scum and sink rings. Be cautious when using lemon as it can whiten, lighten and brighten clothing and may cause fading or ‘bleach’ certain garments.

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