4 Genius Ways to Remove Odors Naturally

While many people contend with odors from cooking, pets, smoking and other unfriendly air attacks, there are numerous ways to conquer smelly scents with natural tools and tips. Bacteria cause odors and that’s why it’s crucial to remove the cause of noxious wafts. Leaks, wet towels, condensation and even dirt buildup on trash receptacles can lead to odor. Here are some natural ways to tackle smelly areas in your home:

1.) Wash and Smile

Leave the odors behind with a scrub or session in the rinse cycle. Regularly launder bedding, bath mats, cushion covers and towels. Use a gentle wash cycle or hand wash delicate items with a mild soap.

2.) Air Up There

Let shoes spend time in the sunlight in order to air them out. Leave windows open and let fresh air into the house. The movement of air will keep things smelling fresher and cleaner.

3.) Power Duo

Adding white vinegar to cleaning solutions will help neutralize odor causing bacteria and baking soda will act as a natural deodorizer and can be used when cleaning trash cans, as a refrigerator odor eliminator or for carpet stench.

4.) Essential Oil Spray

Adding a few drops of citrus or other essential oils to a spray bottle of water will be the perfect non-toxic and natural air freshener. Purifying essential oils like thyme, orange and tea tree are great options for cleansing the air, adding fragrance and helping to abolish odors.

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