6 Home Cleaning Tips For Everyone Living With A Pet

Taking care of a four-legged friend is a huge responsibility. Besides feeding your cat or dog, hygiene is of the utmost importance—or your home will be a mess in no time. 

In other words, you’ll have to adapt your cleaning routine if you want to keep a healthy home and happy pet. But don’t worry; it is worth it! Besides, these six pet-friendly cleaning tips and tricks will make your cleaning routine go smoothly.

Tip #1. Wipe their paws 

Most pets love going outside, taking a walk, and exploring. However, you could avoid a mess if you take the time to clean their paws whenever they come back inside. 

If you are looking for the easiest way to do it, stop bacteria from entering your home by wiping your pet’s paws clean with alcohol-free wet sheets. It doesn’t matter if they’re not all muddy; they’ll still bring germs inside your home. 

Tip #2. Get a quality vacuum cleaner

On top of the dust, you’ll probably have to clean pet dander and hair during your daily cleaning routine. To preserve the air quality, consider investing in a good vacuum cleaner capable of dealing with pet dander—you might need a HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner. 

Pro tip: Not everything is about investing in fancy devices. Perseverance is also key to maintaining a clean home. Don’t forget to vacuum or sweep at least every other day to avoid buildup!

Tip #3. Don’t skip regular grooming 

Although your pet’s care routine depends on their coat, almost every dog and cat needs constant grooming. It’s the only way to keep their coat debris-free and untangled.

Also, your pet will need a bath at some point. However, you should avoid washing your pet too often, or they’ll lose natural oils, and their coats will get dry. You can give a bath to your dog roughly once a month. On the other hand, cats can keep themselves clean for longer, but you can still bathe them once every 4-6 weeks

Tip #4. Clean pet urine with vinegar

If your dog hasn’t been potty trained or your cat didn’t use the litter box, make sure you take care of urine as fast as possible. A quick DIY way to clean is by mixing water with vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture and mop to avoid smells and sticky floors.

Tip #5. Wash your pet’s bedding weekly

If you need to wash your linens to get rid of your body oils and dust mites weekly, imagine how dirty your pet’s bedding can get. Wash their bedding at least twice a month with natural detergent, and avoid fabric softener to prevent irritation.

Tip #6. Avoid bleach!

Your pet’s nose is very different from yours, and you should keep it in mind during your cleaning routine. Harsh chemicals like bleach can make your pet nauseous and irritate their nose. Look for natural alternatives or any labels saying the cleaning product is safe for pets.

Extra tip: Hire a pet-friendly cleaning service  

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