7 Motivation Hacks To Keep You Cleaning

Cleaning can be a therapeutic activity for some people, but it’s also hardly enjoyable for the rest. However, everyone should make an effort to avoid a messy house. 

If you don’t have issues with cleaning, but you’re just not feeling it at the moment, it’s crucial to find a way to get motivated to tackle the chores before things get out of hand. Here are seven mind hacks to get through your cleaning tasks.

Hack #1: Plan a gathering

It may look like self-sabotage, but running yourself into a corner like this might be the only way to make you clean your place. 

You only need to set a date for your family or friends to visit. Maybe you don’t mind the mess so much, but you would be cleaning for your guests. Now get your cleaning tools and tackle those chores!

Hack #2: Commit to one task at a time

When cleaning is a tall order, it’s necessary to tackle it in small efforts. If you plan big and try to do everything at once, your motivation will take a hit when you see no instant progress. Going without direction won’t do you good either; focus on one thing at a time.

You’ll notice slow but steady progress by going in a sequence—and not leaving many incomplete tasks. In the long run, your home will be cleaner, and you won’t resort to using your weekend hours on housework.

Hack #3: Set a time limit

Sometimes, a time trial can boost your energy. Set a timer around 10 or 20 minutes to test yourself and go as further as possible on your chore. You might even enjoy the rush of beating the clock. If during these bursts of speed cleaning you’re seeing progress, by all means, go on!

Hack #4: Give yourself a reward

Nobody knows you better than yourself. After a successful set of tasks, treat yourself to a coffee (or tea) and time off to check out that new season of your favorite show. 

However, make sure the awarded time off doesn’t outweigh the minutes you spent on chores. Prioritize cleaning, and your effort will pay off!

Hack #5: Clean to the beat of music

Upbeat music will always spice up dull chores, and time will seem to pass faster. Set your favorite music playlist on a portable speaker and clean to the beat. 

Tip: If music during chores isn’t your cup of tea, podcasts are also a great way to get on a roll while cleaning.

Hack #6: Get off the grid for a moment

Everybody loves communicating with friends and family. However, one thing takes to the other, and one text can take you down the rabbit hole of procrastination. It should be only you and your tasks, so turn off the cell phone if possible. 

You’d be amazed at how much faster you’ll finish cleaning!

Hack #7: Keep looking for new ways to clean

If living in a neat home sounds appealing to you, you can read more home cleaning tips and methods to become the expert cleaner you want to be.  

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