Cleaning Tips and Tricks for New Moms in Houston

While being a mom for the first time is both exhilarating and exhausting, there are many considerations for this chaotic and joyous time in a woman’s life. As a baby is developing an immune system, they’re more prone to becoming ill and that’s why it’s important to keep a house germ free.

A popular viral video recently showed the plights of moms everywhere when a baby is present and the daunting task of keeping things clean despite their presence.

Here are some tips and tricks for new moms to keep babies and young tykes happy and healthy even when they’re constant mess makers:


Disinfect toys without batteries by placing them in the dishwasher for a quick spin. For battery operated toys, clean the outside with warm water and soap or try a disinfecting wipe. For larger toys, a wipe down with a multi-purpose cleaner can do the trick. Fabric toys and stuffed animals will likely need to be laundered or scrubbed with soap and water and left to air dry.

Bank on Nap Time

While babies often require multiple feedings and frequent soothing, they also demand many naps and these breaks in the day will allow moms to have a chance to catch up on cleaning.

Double Diaper Duty

Cloth diapers will double as burp rags and cleaning cloths for the baby’s room.

Bibs = Your New BFF

When the baby is always missing their mouth trying to feed or is frequently spitting up, having them locked and loaded under a bib will prevent spit up from dirtying countless onesies and creating mounds of laundry.

Wipes Aplenty

Keep antibacterial wipes ready and available for use in rooms throughout the house. Buy baby wipes and antibacterial wipes in bulk to be prepared for spills and stains. Or get clean surfaces with our steam technology—learn more HERE

Vacuum with Baby

Put the little bundle of joy inside a baby carrier and start vacuuming and watch as he or she is lulled to sleep or at least, enjoys the noise and movement.
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