Move-In Clean: What to Focus On?

Wherever in Houston you relocated to, it’s important that you prioritize thorough move-in cleaning to ensure a seamless transition into your new home. This meticulous process not only brings comfort but also promotes better health and a sense of ownership of your space. 

To delve into the specifics, let’s explore the essential areas that require focus when sprucing up your new dwelling. Whether you’ve already completed your move-out cleaning tasks and now need a guide for the move-in cleaning or wish to prepare for a smooth upcoming relocation, let’s dive right in.

What is a move-in kitchen cleaning?

The kitchen, often termed the heart of any house, is a hub of culinary creativity and familial bonding. Here, you’ll encounter appliances, countertops, and cabinets, but sometimes hidden residues from past meals and occupants as well. Ensuring these areas are pristine offers peace of mind when preparing your first meal or hosting guests.


In a new home, the fridge might have remnants from the previous owner. Before stocking it with your groceries, ensure old items are discarded, and every compartment is wiped down. Similarly, ovens and stovetops can have accumulated grease over time. Before you start your culinary journey, make sure you sanitize each of them to restore them to their prime condition.

Countertops & Sinks

While countertops in your new kitchen might seem dirt-free, it’s essential to disinfect them to ensure they’re free from bacteria and past residues. The sink, despite appearing clean, might have unseen build-ups or spots. A comprehensive scrub guarantees that you’re starting fresh and with sparkling surfaces.

Cabinets & Drawers

Previous occupants might have left spills or residues in cabinets and drawers. Before arranging your utensils and ingredients, it’s crucial to empty these storage spaces, inspect thoroughly, and wipe them down. This sets the stage for a tidy, sanitized kitchen you can truly call your own.

How do I clean my bathroom after moving in?

Upon first glance, one might wonder how to approach the intimate space of a bathroom in a newly acquired home. The bathroom is where personal routines unfold, from the morning face wash to nightly skincare. Such a space demands special attention, with several corners and spots that might have been overlooked by previous occupants.

Toilet area

The toilet, a cornerstone of bathroom hygiene, requires meticulous care. Both the interior and exterior need thorough scrubbing, ensuring every hidden spot is addressed. A potent disinfectant will not only cleanse but also impart a fresh scent, making the space inviting.

Shower & bathtub

With daily use, showers and bathtubs are prone to accumulating soap scum and water stains. Using an effective cleaner can help in restoring their sheen. The grout, often overlooked, can harbor mold or mildew. Addressing this ensures the entire area is both spotless and safe.

Sinks & countertops

Mirroring their kitchen counterparts, bathroom sinks and countertops often hold traces of our routines. These surfaces might harbor unexpected residues, from toothpaste splatters to water spots. A thorough disinfection and polish can make them gleam, ready for your daily rituals.

Mirrors & fixtures

A spotless mirror can brighten up the bathroom space, reflecting both light and clarity. Ensuring it’s free from streaks is vital. Similarly, faucets and other fixtures might hold water marks, which, when polished, can transform the bathroom’s ambiance, making every routine feel a touch more luxurious.

Who in Houston, TX, provides comprehensive move-in cleanings?


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