How to Keep your Dog Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and it’s hot out there, y’all!  This Houston heat isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also be dangerous for your dog if you don’t take proper precautions.

Here’s a quick guide to keeping your pups safe when the temperatures soar.

Never leave them in the car.

You wouldn’t leave your toddler in the car; your dog shouldn’t be any different.  Even with the car on and the ac running, a vehicle sitting in the Texas heat can rapidly become sweltering.  Don’t leave anything living in your vehicle even for just a minute.  It’s not safe.

Limit exercise on hot days.  

During the early morning or evening hours are the best time to take your dog outside.  You should keep them inside during the extremely hot hours of the day between around 11 and 4.  If you do go outside, keep it light and don’t expect a high-intensity run.  Some light exercise just to keep them from getting restless is suggested.

Stay cool in the shade.  

Provide your dog with plenty of shady options when you do go outside.  Awnings and tree shade are ideal because you don’t want to obstruct airflow.  Since dogs cool differently than humans do, don’t rely on a fan to keep them cool.

Keep them hydrated.  

Always carry water and a bowl with you to keep your dog from dehydrating.  Don’t wait to give him water when he is exhibiting signs of a heatstroke. Provide cool, clean drinking water whenever he is outside.  Freeze dog toys and bones in a large block of ice and put it outside for the dog on a warm day.  (The ice probably wouldn’t survive more than 20 minutes in this Texas heat, but it would be a fun treat while it lasted.)

Don’t ignore the signs of heatstroke.  

Signs of heatstroke include:


Excessive thirst

Difficulty breathing

Rapid heartbeat



Excessive salivation


Deep red or purple tongue

If your dog is exhibiting these signs, remove him from the heat, cool him with a water hose, and contact a local emergency vet clinic.

To beat the heat, your dog will be spending a lot more time inside this summer.  This means there will inevitably be more puppy hair on your floors and furniture.  No worries.  Let one of the highest rated maid services in Houston take care of that for you!  Give us a call today!  (281) 531-0544.

Do you have a tip to keep dogs safe from summer heat?  Leave us a comment to let us know!