Room-by-Room Guide to De-Cluttering Your Home

Ditching clutter in your home is a quick way for you to feel less stressed, more organized, and more make your daily life a little more manageable.

Here’s a quick room-by-room guide to de-cluttering your home.


If your mudroom is the main entrance into your home, it tends to become a catchall for shoes, coats, hats, shopping bags, and sports gear.  The best way to keep this room clutter-free is with useful storage.  Shoe bins, hooks for backpacks, and small bins with labels are essential tools you can easily add to keep your mudroom neat and tidy.


The first things that you see when you walk in your kitchen are countertops.  Keeping a minimalist approach when it comes to your counters keeps them clutter-free and functional.  Don’t forget about the pantry and cabinets.  The whole “out of sight, out of mind” thing won’t get you far.


Bathrooms tend to collect extra soap, shampoo, makeup, and lotions.  Take the same approach to your bathroom as you did with your kitchen.  Keep the countertops and sides of the bathtub clean except for things you use every day.  Then go through your cabinets to streamline any extras.


Bedrooms tend to collect items that are meaningful, but don’t necessarily have a purpose.  It’s okay to keep things because they have sentimental value, but you do need to approach these items in a reasonable way.  Try and limit yourself to one box or small trunk to keep these items in so that you don’t end up crowding your shelves for no reason.


With all of the toys, art supplies, and books, kids’ bedrooms can seem to get out of control quickly.  Having a proper storage place for everything is crucial.  Bookshelves, bins, and boxes can all be labeled to make things easy to put where it goes.  Anything that doesn’t have a place or isn’t used should be donated.


As times change, technology is replaced, and we need to move with the times.  Here in 2015, in the days of Netflix and Pandora, most of us probably don’t use those old DVDs or CDs. (If you still have a VHS collection, I’m looking at you right now.)  These items should be donated.


The same tactics you used to organize and streamline inside the house can be applied to the garage.  Use shelves, cubbies, cabinets, and hooks to keep clutter under control.  If you put storage solutions where clutter naturally falls, they are more likely to be used.

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