10 High-Touch Surfaces You Should Pay Special Attention To

In our daily lives, we come into contact with countless objects and surfaces. Some of these surfaces are frequently touched not just by us, but also by many others throughout the day. Especially in times where health and sanitation are paramount, being aware of the risk posed by high-touch surfaces can guide us in taking preventive measures 

One of the best ways to tackle this issue is to hire proven Cypress maid services that excel in professional sanitization. Along with regular and detailed cleaning and disinfection of your home, practicing good personal hygiene plays an important role in reducing the risk of contamination. Be mindful of these tips, stay proactive and vigilant, and you’ll go a long way in making your surroundings safer for yourselves and others.

What are the common high-touch surfaces

What are the common high-touch surfaces?

1. Doorknobs and handles

Whether at home, in office spaces, or in public places, doorknobs and handles are touched by almost everyone. Whether you’re entering or leaving a room, it’s one of the first things you’ll touch. Not just limited to doors, but think about cabinets, drawers, and even your car. Consistent cleaning, especially of metal handles, can curb the spread of microbes.

2. Light switches

These are other common touchpoints in homes and workplaces. It’s almost instinctual to reach for the switch when entering or leaving a room. If one person in the house is sick, it’s highly probable they’ve touched the light switches. A quick wipe at the end of the day can keep germs at bay.

3. Mobile phones

Our phones are almost like extensions of our hands these days. However, think of all the surfaces you touch between phone uses; then, you put your phone to your face! Studies have shown that our phones can harbor more germs than a toilet seat! Regularly sanitizing or using disinfecting wipes will make a significant difference.

4. Remote controls

At home, in hotel rooms, or in conference rooms, remote controls for TVs and other devices are frequently used by multiple people. It’s easy to snack with one hand and channel surf with the other. Cleaning your remote can help you enjoy your downtime without unwelcome germs.

5. Elevator buttons

In buildings, malls, and offices, the elevator is indispensable. And the buttons, both inside and outside, are pressed multiple times a day by various individuals. Using a tissue or your knuckle instead of fingertips can reduce direct contact. A quick touch-up with a disinfectant during cleaning rounds can minimize risks.

6. Shopping carts and baskets

As we move around grocery or department stores, the handles of carts and baskets are continuously in contact with hands. Some stores offer sanitizing wipes at entrances; take advantage of them or bring your own. A simple wipe can protect you from germs left by previous shoppers.

7. ATM keyboards

Withdrawing cash or checking an account balance requires tapping on buttons that countless others have also touched. Carrying a small sanitizer in your bag or car can be handy after using public keypads. Bank lobbies often get cleaned, but how often do those outside ATMs get the same treatment?

8. Railings and handrails

Staircases, escalators, public transport – all these places have railings that provide support but are also hotspots for germs. Especially in crowded places, it’s wise to wash hands after touching railings. Public transport systems and busy staircases should have regular cleaning schedules for these.

9. Water coolers and coffee machines

In workplaces, these become frequent gathering spots and are touched regularly throughout the day. Consider using a paper towel to touch buttons or handles. Offices can also place sanitizing stations near these communal areas.

10. Office equipment

Think about the office printer, copier, or shared phone. Multiple colleagues access these machines daily. Before using shared equipment, a quick clean with a disinfectant wipe can help. Encourage office policies that promote regular cleaning of shared tools.

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