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Forget About Bleach! 5 Natural Alternatives You Can Use

Bleach is inexpensive, effective at killing germs and widely used in households across the US. However, it is a harsh chemical! Instead, you could try these safer alternatives to bleach. Do you need a break from the chores? Let Naturalcare Cleaning Service leave your home spotless. Read More

5 Tips to Make Hiring a Houston Cleaning Service More Affordable

Living a busy life leaves little time for cleaning, plus, who would want to spend their free time doing chores? It’s everyone’s dream to come home to a house that was scrubbed from top to bottom by a Houston Maid Service, but not everyone can afford… Read More

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Every household is different.  Depending on the number and age of the members of your household, the size of your home, and whether or not you have pets, you may clean once a day, once a week, or once a month.  Either way, there are certain tasks that you likely… Read More

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5 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Between after school activities, helping with homework, and staying on top of your work responsibilities, most moms could use a few extra minutes in their day. Here are 5 tried and true ways to save some time in your busy life as a mom! Buying online. Any mom will tell… Read More

Makeup Mistakes! Get Those Cosmetic Blunders Clean

Women know all too well the last-minute panic attack that strikes when they realize they’ve smeared mascara on their new blouse, added color to their new dress via a blush stain or killed their white capris with a streak of foundation. No matter the makeup mishap, there are plenty of… Read More

Top 5 Areas of your Kitchen that are Harboring Bacteria

As the mecca of raw meat and dirty dishes, you can probably guess that there are a large number of bacteria lurking in your kitchen.  If you haven’t hired a Houston maid service, and you are handling things on your own, you are probably itching for a map to seek… Read More

3 Super Easy Ways to Naturally Remove Stains in Houston

Everyone knows that spots and stains are unavoidable. Whether you have kids who are partial to cranberry juice, nieces who love ketchup, an aunt who can’t live without red wine or a spouse who is addicted to pasta with extra tomato sauce, there is no real way to escape the… Read More

6 Things Your Natural Cleaning Crew in Houston Want You to Know

Give us the dirt! Naturalcare Cleaning Service strives to go above and beyond to meet the needs and demands of customers. We are rated one of the best maid service companies in the Houston area and we pride ourselves on high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. As we have… Read More

Room-by-Room Guide to De-Cluttering Your Home

Ditching clutter in your home is a quick way for you to feel less stressed, more organized, and more make your daily life a little more manageable. Here’s a quick room-by-room guide to de-cluttering your home. MUDROOM If your mudroom is the main entrance into your home, it tends to… Read More

Green Cleaning Solutions for the Bathroom in Houston

Conventional cleaners can be effective but have an array of side effects. While some contain toxic ingredients, they can be detrimental to the health of humans and cause skin irritation, breathing issues and even harm to the central nervous system. While commercial cleaning agents are often not noticeably harmful, there… Read More