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Find tips and tricks that our amazing team members have learned along the way, as well as other useful information that our professional cleaners have put together.

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4 Genius Ways to Remove Odors Naturally

While many people contend with odors from cooking, pets, smoking and other unfriendly air attacks, there are numerous ways to conquer smelly scents with natural tools and tips. Bacteria cause odors and that’s why it’s crucial to remove the cause of noxious wafts. Leaks, wet towels, condensation and even dirt… Read More

Easy Ways to Go Green and Clean from Naturalcare in Houston

If you’re gearing up this summer to prepare for nesting this fall, you’ll probably be looking to do some serious cleaning. If you’re tired of using chemical-laden cleansers in keeping your home fresh and beautiful, fear not, there are easy and simple ways to go natural. While you might have… Read More

5 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Organized

If you’re planning on hiring a Houston cleaning service, don’t forget that half the cleaning battle is actually organization.  So, what do you do? Here are 5 quick ways to keep your bedroom organized! Evaluate the Item’s Current Home As you clean an out-of-control bedroom, think about how random items… Read More

How to Keep your Dog Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer is here, and it’s hot out there, y’all!  This Houston heat isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also be dangerous for your dog if you don’t take proper precautions. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your pups safe when the temperatures soar. Never leave them in the car. You wouldn’t… Read More

Top 5 Workplace Distractions, and How to Ditch Them

Most of us spend 40 or more hours at work per week. Unless you are a robot, no one works 100% of the time. We all know that there is a difference between taking an occasional break, and trying to work while being bombarded with distractions. Here’s how to easily… Read More


Do I need to leave a tip?

Tips are not required but are certainly appreciated by our cleaners. You can leave a cash tip in an envelope cleared marked as “Tip for Naturalcare Cleaners”. To use your credit card simply email or call the office and tell us to include a tip before we charge!… Read More

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand things happen. But please keep in mind we are reserving a time for you and our cleaners rely on a full schedule.  You are free to cancel your service at any time, however, we have a $75 SAME DAY CANCELLATION FEE which is charged if you cancel after… Read More

When does my card get charged?

We do a preauthorization the day before but don’t worry this is not a charge! Billing is done the following day and that is when your card is charged. Read More

I have a cleaning coupon, how do I use it?

Simply book as normal. In the comments section, mention you have purchased or was given a cleaning coupon and would like to apply it to the clean. We will take it from there!… Read More

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What is your 100% Guarantee policy?

If you’re not content with your cleaning, we will come out and re-clean. If you still don’t think we did a good enough job to recommend us to your friends, we’ll refund your money. Read More